February 03, 2009

DN Staff Ed - Don't Forget the People

My first ever staff editorial. Staff eds represent the position of the newspaper. The subject and opinion are decided by the staff ed board and then one member writes the column. I'll probably get to write about one a week. It's kinda cool.

‘Too little, too late’ done to improve health center



wolfie185 said...


"Gov. Heineman, we know you have a reelection coming up. If that is what it takes to galvanize you into doing something about the center, then shame on you, but the situation at the center is so in need of solutions that we’ll take what we can get."
Nice one!! I wouldn't expect getting brownies from the Gov for your birthday though :-)


Monica said...

Luckily, they don't post the author's name on a staff ed. Hehe.