February 19, 2009

DN Staff Ed & Column - Because Panties Are Forever

I felt I went a bit out on a limb for this one. Gender issues always get plenty of feedback, especially when you mix them with the evolution/creation debate. We'll see.

Culture needs to evolve past violence

Modern worldwide protest makes difference


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wolfie185 said...

Excellent articles, thank you for writing about Nisha Susan and The Pink Chaddi Campaign, I read about her and the campaign on a couple of differant blogs, Gandhi would be proud of her. Your articles are the kind of articles that need to be written to make people aware of what is going on in the world, especially young women who may feel they have no recorse but to go along with the social game that is currently being played out against them, so they understand they have a choice and don't have to take abuse, Jessica Valenti should be required reading for all teenage girls. I hope the monkeys of both genders don't sling too much poop at you :-)