April 17, 2008

Turning the Wheel

Everything changes. People so often fear change. I find solace in it. No matter how badly things are going - that too will change. Bad will change to good and good will change to bad. It's all transient.

The wheel turned, my karma came back around, and bad turned to good. A funeral turned into a reunion where we all had a good time.

I came back to find a teaching assistantship for the fall waiting for me. I persevered when my original rejection letter came and held out hope for the one remaining option, even going so far as to send my portfolio to the professor. My tuition, health insurance, and living expenses are taken care of, so I can focus on my studies.

I was turned down for job after job by firm after firm, so I kept looking high and low. I applied somewhere I normally might not have looked, the Rocky Mountain Institute in Boulder. I interviewed on Wednesday and this morning they offered me the job. I jumped up and down. My studio-mates said I was "glowing." I get a good paycheck and a housing allowance suitable to high-rent Boulder. And I get to spend the entire summer close to some dear friends while helping to write a book on how buildings impact climate change.

My studio professor unexpectedly changed the final review date for our project from Friday to the following Monday, the day I was supposed to fly out to visit my thesis clients in Wisconsin. The airline website tried to charge me $100 dollars to change the booking. I called the toll free line and asked them to simply not do that and low and behold they said okay.

The wheel keeps turning. Next week I'll be stressed about something else. And then something good will happen to cheer me up. So on and so forth.

Whoever said change was bad must live in a very boring world.

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