April 09, 2008


I pedalled home late last night, breathing in the crisp dark air. An idea came to me. It wasn't a Eureka! It was just a hmmm...I wonder if? I passed O Street. How would I set that up? I passed N Street. I'd have to have a payment option. I passed M Street. I wonder how much that would cost? I passed L Street, headlights flashed. Would people really care? I turned onto K street, signaling my turn to an empty street. If it didn't cost me much, I could do it. I flowed slowly past the gleaming night-lit tower of stone, the buffalo watching me stoicly from their carved resting places. Yes, I just might be able to. I turned onto 16th Street. I'm practically doing it anyway. I pulled up the driveway to home. Yes, I'll try!

Either it's the most brilliant idea I've ever had or the most hair brained scheme yet, but either way it shoud be fun!

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