April 12, 2008

Priotizing In Education

During the game Lighting Fill In The Blank on NPR’s weekly news mockery show “Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me!” the host Peter Sagle stumped guest comedian Tom Bodette with the following question:

Peter Sagle: “A British Star Wars fan who calls himself Jedi Master Jon Ba’hehole was attacked in his own backyard by a blank?”

Tom Bodette: “A storm trooper.”

PS: “Close. A guy dressed as Dark Vader.”

TB: “Well, no, I think I get a ding [point], he’s actually a storm trooper, uber storm trooper. Close, he’s got the helmet….”Laughter dwindles into silence.

In a serious tone, PS: “Darth Vader is a fallen Jedi. Where storm troopers are clones. And It’s – Just – Not – The – Same. Moving on…”

It’s good to know that the people at NPR understand what’s truly important.

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