April 27, 2008

The Stories Continue

So, I'm plugging for myself again. The experiment of Castles in the Sky continues. The three books, Dharma Cowgirl, Star Watcher, and Love is Blind, all have almost two full chapters. My main characters, Mike (Michelle), Lillian, and my "Dharma Cowgirl" (that would be me) are all coming along in their various journeys. Working on this project has become a great relief from the monstrous workload which always comes with the end of semester.

Of course, I worry about my attention span. I continue to have new ideas almost constantly. Aside from the three books featured on Castles in the Sky, I have two other projects in various written stages. Lightbringer is a trilogy for which I have a major plot for three full novels, background on characters and world, and first chapter written. The Fourth Race is something which has been rattling around in my brain for over a year now. Last night I finally sat down and, over the course of an hour, wrote out a three page, full plot and character synopsis for the first book of an as yet un-numbered series. There are at least three more books/series rattling around in my head.

Lest anyone thing these are recent things, I would correct that notion. It is only recently I have begun making what has always been a very private side of my life public. The concept behind Star Watcher has been a decade in the making. It makes me question myself - why has this come up now? Is it that I have finally become comfortable with myself as a writer? Has the blog and my work for the student paper brought me the validation necessary to move forward? Is this nothing more than an ego boost?

Oh, careful there, be wary, be wary. What is ego and what is confidence? What is attention seeking behavior and what is sharing? What is healthy self questioning and what is insecure self doubt? What is pride and what is creativity?

I suppose as the stories continue, Mike, Lillian, the I will work it out together.

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