January 01, 2009

Water & Sunshin

I don’t really do resolutions or retrospectives. The media is full of them right now and so I’ve thought, maybe I should post something of a similar nature – a retrospective, updates on items touched on in older posts, how this year has shaken out for me, what I want to accomplish in the next year, etc. But none of it would really have any more meaning today than it would have any other day. New Year’s Day is just an arbitrary box on a calendar set by some monk several centuries ago. It only has the importance we give it.

I resolve every morning when I get up and hang my mala around my neck to try, just for today, to be a good person. Every once in a while I look back and reflect, trying to learn from my life. I think I’m better at some things, worse at others, struggling with a few, as always. Time is moving forward. Change is happening. Today has one minute more sunshine than yesterday. Starting today we get to spend a few weeks signing the date and then scribbling out the eight and writing a nine instead.

Today is not insignificant, nor was yesterday, and neither is tomorrow. Today is not the day for resolutions or reflection. Every day is that day. Resolution and reflection are like water and sunlight, things for every day. They don’t work if only applied once a year. Nothing flourishes under those conditions, especially my poor houseplants.

So I wish you a Happy New Year, but more importantly, I wish you a happy today and ditto to infinity!

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Samantha said...

Just For Today:

I will be grateful.
I will not anger.
I will not worry
I will do my work (meditation) honestly.
I will respect all life.

Those are the five principles of Reiki. The are carved into a stone in Japan by Dr. Usui, and are what guides Reiki practitioners through their days. I have them hanging throughout my home and in the mini sanctuary I have in my house for meditaion. Reiki ironically was what helped lead my hear and soul home to Buddhism. It's good to be home.

This was a great post Monica, but then again you never disappoint. Have a great year my dear!