January 26, 2009

The Sea

I stood on the shores of a great inland sea,

a sea so old

it had sunk beneath the sand,

a sand so still

it had been covered over in a grass,

a grass so restless

it devoured the desert which had once claimed a sea.

I saw dark clouds spill over the hills,

bringing flat rain to wash away bridges,

sharp hail to destroy gardens,

and black funnel clouds to roar with laughter,

at the strongest things human hands can build.

I heard the thunder wake the sea,

which bubbled up into marshes and creeks,

and colored the desolate brown land

in lush green ribbons

that whispered all the secrets of the wind,

and told the story of the sea.

I stood in the waves of a great inland sea,

waves of grass lapping at my knees,

the sand sweeping away my footprints,

the wind swallowing up my heartbeat,

the light washing away my mind,

it devoured the ego that had once claimed to be.


Kim Antieau said...

Who wrote this? It's beautiful.

Monica said...

I did. Thanks!