January 14, 2009

DN Article - The Unlikeliest Student

First column of the semester. Wonder if I'm striking the right tone? :-)

College improves with time, even 10 years



wolfie185 said...

LOL that was really good!! Have a hard time believing you were that rotten of a kid at school though :D Your wrap up was good also, giving some humorous hope.
I hope you had an enjoyable holiday. I take it everything went peaceful.
Take Care

Monica said...

Oh, I was never BAD, precisely. I never acted out in class (well, extremely rarely) or talked back or got into fights. I didn't drink or do drugs or party all night. I didn't even bring home boyfriends (or girlfriends) for my dad to torment. I just refused to do my homework. I didn't see the point and no one could convince me otherwise. In my junior high school, every missed assignment equalled a detention. So my teachers ended up scheduling my detentions two weeks out. When I would get too much of a backlog, they would make me come into Saturday school. When I would refuse to do some really large assignment, I would be put in in-house suspension until I got it done. The two weeks was over a book report which I refused to do on principle. After two years of this, they just gave up. I got F's on the assignments and A's on the tests so I managed a C average and since that was passing they all just shrugged and left me alone.

We were all happier that way. :-)