August 02, 2006

Looking Forward

For perhaps the first time ever I am looking forward to the beginning of school. Mostly it is because of the Shambhala Mountain Project. (See my blog 'Architects Anonymous' for more details.) But it is also because the success of that project thus far has given me a greater amount of hope in my own educational prospects than I have ever had before. I am truly involved in something I care about and I have hope that it can evolve into a greater caring for all my work.

Even if all of my classes are abysmal, I have high points to look forward to. I will join in a site visit to Shambhala Mountain Center in September. Dickie, who I always look forward to seeing, will visit three times after that, once each in October, November, and December. Hopefully, he will be able to bring some other stakeholders with him so the students have someone else to pester.

This project has been a great lesson in letting go. All of my preconceived notions of how this idea would be received have been soundly refuted. My cynicism has been tossed out the window. My long held lack of faith in my educational institution in general and in my professors in particular is fading. In order to make this successful, I have had to exist in the present moment, because in the present moment, all futures are possible. If I dwell in past pessimism, nothing could move forward.

I can pay more than lip service to the cliché "Be Here Now" because for the first time I want to be here now.

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