August 26, 2006

Changing Habits

The weekend has finally come. The first week of classes is over and I already feel frazzled. It is amazing how quickly habits and patterns can be fallen into. I would have thought nothing of this in March. Summer has softened me. Now I must readjust. Thing have changed once again. The discomfort I feel now, the suffering however small, is not due to those changes themselves, but simply to the fact that they are changes.

In a few weeks all this will seem like nothing. I’ll be back in the rhythm. I am trying to establish new habits as this semester starts - being proactive, having more attention to detail, staying open minded and positive. Changes will come in the future. I have a hard time trying to stay open to the present moment and maintain my equanimity when I constantly have to be aware of what I need to have in the future – these chapters read, this model built, that email sent, this homework done. Contradictions are everywhere.

I saw a book today called The Law of Simplicity. It was a thin little book, which bodes well for its ability to stay on topic. It sounded good and I read some of it, but left it in the bookstore. That is one habit I’ve broken. I don’t have to possess something in order to appreciate it.

It odd that I’m lamenting the loss of old habits while at the same time trying to create new ones.

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