September 29, 2009

DN Column - Pacifism

While discussing this with my editor, we once again realized how people's worlds diverge without them even noticing it. My reference to being a victim made him think of getting mugged, in which case he'd give the mugger his wallet without a struggle. So would I, but when a woman thinks about being a victim of crime, she isn't thinking about robery, she's thinking about violent crime - beating, domestic abuse, rape, and murder. It's a sad, sad world we live in where these things still occur. But the conversation makes me realize that men don't think this way, don't even notice this stuff (vast generalization), and that we as women allow it to go unnoticed and unthought about (vast generalization). So next time any of you guys are walking through a dark parking lot or rough neighborhood, no matter how safe you feel, take a minute to pretend a rapist serial killer is hiding behind ever bush and he's coming after you. That's the world women live in, no exaggeration needed.

Pacifism springs from active wills


PS - It appears the online version is missing the first paragraph, though this may be corrected later. But it begins: "I didn’t murder anyone this weekend. That may not sound like such an accomplishment until one considers that I spent the last five days traveling – with my family. Mom, Dad, older brother and I hit every tourist destination within 50 miles of San Diego."

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