September 16, 2009

DN Column - Health Insurance Reform

Here is yesterday's column. I was busy being mad yesterday so I didn't put it up.

On a different note, the 'remedial' homework I was assigned by my thesis profs has been deemed "much more promising." I find this all baffling because to me it means little more than inane and arbitrary scriblings on paper, but that could just be the mad talking. I'm afraid they'll think I was very sullen and ungrateful yesterday (maybe the first, but never the last). I found that being completely shut down was the only way I could be open to what they had to say. So I probably came off like I didn't care because, well, I was trying very hard not to care because every time I invest myself in the work I do for them, I get sucker punched. I guess the end result is, I don't care much for the work I did for them yesterday, and I don't care much whether they like it or not. *sigh* I'm gonna have to figure something better out.

Anyway, here's the column, with it's appalling innocuous headline.

Health care reform urgent, no solution in sight


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