June 08, 2009

DN Column - Waxman-Markey

The first column of the summer. For whatever reason, the DN online is not being updated, but you can still access the PDF version of the paper via the website. The column is on page six. This was another research-intensive, issue-based column, so I have a lot of sources to cite. From the red corner, there is a somewhat bizarre article from a website calling itself Humanevents.com. A New York Times article also details the opposition. From the blue corner, we have the Environmental Defense Fund and Joe Romm's article(s) over at Climateprogress.org. The international perspective comes courtesy of the BBC World News. And the facts and figures were easy to access via the US Department of Energy, Energy Information Adiministration, and our trans-Atlantic counterpart, Eurostat.

Clean Energy bill needs to pass


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