June 22, 2009

DN Column - Poverty

Crap! They've started putting out mugshots online. I hate my mug and it's bad enough when it's itty bitty in the paper, but now it's big and in color, not to mention several months out of day. Now I'll have to do something about it. O, Vanity, you sneaky devil!

‘New Poor’ need to buck up and face facts


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wolfie185 said...

Well at least you were wearing the right color for your mug shot;-D Nice article and I agree completely. I have a problem with people complaining about how they are always broke yet buy prepared foods, soft drinks and the like. I can do wonders with generic pasta, some spices, veggies and inexpensive me, same goes for baking and making homemade snacks, a couple of pounds of potatoes will make a lot of potatoe chips. There also those things we think we have to have, cell phones, cable TV, internet, cars and the like.
Take Care