April 02, 2009

DN Column - Identity

More subversive dharma. Although, I wonder if perhaps there is something contradictory about trying to use a personal anecdote to illustrate the concept on non-self? Oh, and I hate the headline. "Beauty?" Ppshaw. The column has nothing to do with beauty. Ego, maybe, because that weasles its way in everywhere. And I don't think that's an appropriate use of "personage" either. Sigh...

Beauty does not define personage


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Anonymous said...

To avoid using personal anecdotes is in itself a dualism. It's an entirely egoic view - "what does this say about me? Should I talk about myself, since there is no self?"

If you think you have no self, sprinkle some pepper in your eyes. I promise you that someone's eyes will sting.

The self is a vehicle. You have a self and you have a car. If you identify with either of them, that's when problems arise.

If something you're saying is not personal - i.e. about people - it's just a theory.