April 16, 2009

DN Column - Economic Inefficiency

The general idea for this column came from Tom Philpott's article "Toward a less efficient and more robust food system" over on Grist. His citations of Jane Jacobs made a lot of sense to me, as I've read Jacobs myself and generally respect and agree with her ideas. Other contributing ideas and research come from Mother Jones (uber liberal), where I found an article by Kevin Drum and a column by Bill McKibbon. No Impact Man had a guest post from Sean Sakamoto which I enjoyed. Finally, Too Big To Fail from Businessweek and Where Obesity Grows by George Will over on Real Clear Politics (uber conservative) both helped.

Economic efficiency not best solution for America



john said...

Oh noooo! Since when do I agree with you on an economics opinion? Well, now, apparently.

I think you are 100% right about this. "Too big to fail" has been proven to be very unstable. Too much instability gets people hurt.

My only regret is that I have nothing to argue with you about this. Great article : )

Monica said...

Is that a snowball I just saw? Huh. ;-)