April 09, 2009

DN Column - Congressional Inaction

Again I need to thank Joe Romm over at ClimateProgress.org. I basically just ripped off several of his posts, mushed them together, and regurgitated. I did go back and check out the primary sources from the IPCC, IEA, and McKinsey Report, and picked up a few extra points elsewhere, but the bulk of it comes from these four posts: Introduction to climate economics, Hill conservatives reject all 3 climate strategies, Conservatives win Senate Democrat converts, and MIT Professors tells GOP to stop 'misrepresenting.' In addition, check out Grist.org and the Rocky Mountain Institute, specifically Winning the Oil Endgame by Amory Lovins.

Also, I have lodged a formal protest with my editor and requested that the word "simple" never, ever be used again in relation to climate change legislation. Or climate change. Or legislation. Makes us sound seriously misinformed if we think it's at all simple and that damages the credibility of the paper as a whole.

And any reference to the Dalai Lama was purely a rhetorical device and does not indicate my actual opinion of his opinion on the matter.

Climate change legislation necessary, simple


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