October 30, 2008

DN Article - Republicans: Fear-Mongering or Factual?

This is my first point-counterpoint article, writen in honor of the upcoming elections, with a wonderful new columnist Emily Nohr. Even though Emily and I obviously strongly disagree on each and every point, we had a wonderful time writing this column together. The Opinion staff is, by and large, rather liberal, so Emily is a welcome addition. I think it was very brave of her to step up and do a column like this as her debut in the Daily Nebraska. I wish her all the luck in the world.

Debate over fear-mongering: sleazy tactic or just the facts?


PS - Emily is worried about strong negative feedback, so if you feel the need to comment, please be nice! I know all of you are, but please make an extra effort!

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wolfie185 said...

Nice job and tell Emily she did a good job as well. Both sides have their, strenghts and weakness. If any one party controled the government and the media we would live in a Totalitarian state. I personally think that the GOP operates on a very McCarthyist level but thats just me. There are some left wing blogs out there that are just as vile and nasty as the right wing blogs. Most of the left wing blogs I read were apalled by the t-shirts and the wears of the t-shirts she mentioned.