October 20, 2008

Blogs I Love

This is probably as close to a chain letter as I will ever come. It humbles me and, I can’t deny, gives me a lovely little ego boost that I am assiduously trying to ignore. (Or, more accurately, be aware of without allowing to cloud my actions, thoughts, or speech.) I would like to pass on the favors of Rev. Danny Fisher and Dogo Barry, the Urban Monk, for listing my blog among their favorites and I would like to return the favor. Thus, in no particular order, my favorite blogs are: (drum roll please)

  • The Urban Monk – Beautiful, thought provoking, and a little edgy.
  • Rev. Danny Fisher – I don’t think he sleeps either and I must confess I cannot always keep up.
  • The Tricycle Blog – Which keeps me up to date on Buddhist news and also stirs my soul.
  • In Limine – A yoga blog with great wisdom and insight from a tradition separate, though strongly related, to Buddhism.
  • No Impact Man – My personal environmental guru and also a fabulous writer.
  • WorldChanging – A witty cadre of writers and thinkers who offer in-depth insight on a broad range of topics.
  • Radical Seeks Enlightenment – A blog that constantly makes me aware of things I had never bothered to consider. Also a close friend of mine and an up and coming writer/documentarian/activist.

What’s not to love?


greenfrog said...

The feeling's mutual, my friend.

You live a wonderful engagement, and it's fun to see how you distill it into the bits you post.

Rev. Danny Fisher said...

I'll try to slow down a little. ; )

With bows,

Monica said...

No, you won't. :-)