February 03, 2008

Speaking of Faith Today

I heard an interesting thing on the NPR show "Speaking of Faith." Krista Tippet was reading from her recent book of the same name. Toward the end of the show she said (forgive me if the quote is not exact):

“Thich Naht Hanh is not a theist, but sitting in a room with him was the closest I have ever felt to sitting in the presence of God.


greenfrog said...

It was that comment (I heard it last summer) that convinced me to see Thich Nhat Hahn in person when he visited Denver. He has an incredible presence. I wish I understood more what "presence" is and how it works.

Ian Roberts said...

thank you for your posts. I am a member of one of Thay's sangha's in Australia http://green.bamboo.sangha.blogspot.com
and we have just received new from him that our retreat will be developed as "Plum Village " In Australia. I have never met him but I am planning to do a retreat with him in Hanoi in May and then at Plum Village in December. He is an extraordinary inspiration to millions. Best wishes and thanks for your posts

MountainElephant said...
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