February 21, 2008

DN Article - Consumerism as Religion

To comply with copyrite rules, my editor has kindly asked that I not post my entire article on my blog, but I can post the link to the DN's website. If anyone wants to quote or use excerpts from my articles within one year of printing, please as permission. (Sotto voice: I don't really care.) Here you are.

Comsumerism as Religion



Kavita said...

I'm your twin, separated at birth, Monica. That's how much my thoughts resonate with yours here. With your other posts too.
Only, at the moment I feel burdened like a turtle & have to get around to sorting & severing ties with stuff collected over the years. You've learnt early in the day, haven't you? Wise one.

Monica said...

Yay! It's always nice to have more family. :-) I always liked turtles. They're cute!