February 26, 2008

Bump, Ouch!

So, I've fallen off the wagon. It's still trundling along before me, slow and steady, and here I am sitting in the dirt rubbing my butt and wondering if I even want to bother getting back on. Oh, the wide open spaces all around. I could literally head off in any direction. Nothing says I have to follow that rutted two wheel track. Oh, the empty spaces all around. Who knows what's out there? Maybe I'll just walk along beside until I've made up my mind.

So the intentional living, not spending money thing went out the window about the first of January, when I got a better job. Granted, I've still been good, choosing wisely. I upgraded the software on my computer, which helps a lot with school. I got new glasses to replace those I've lost (and were two prescriptions old anyway). I got the affore-mentioned hypocritical winter coat and a few new pieces of clothing as I enter into interview season. I've still managed to do a lot of weeding out and giving away of other things. None of that bothers me, but I've been spending far too much money on two other things: 1) eating out and 2) entertainment.

I never was a very good vegetarian and as time compresses my repertoire just gets more and more boring. How much pasta, frozen veggies, and soy burger can one girl take? So, sometimes I just wouldn't eat, which is not the best idea in the world. Then I started eating out, because I couldn't stand cooking anymore. I can't really keep doing that, though; it's such a waste. The money, the throw away containers, the leftovers, yikes! So I'm off the wagon. This week I picked up a package of cold chicken at the grocery store. Yummy and greasy and utterly disgusting. I'm going to see if limited meat intake can help me at least stay away from eating out. Lesser of two evils, anyone? (On the ride in this morning, as I was thinking about this, one of the campus cats, a long-haired, scruffy, black and white mop was crouched on the top of a garden wall glaring at me like "So what? You humans are so stupid sometimes.")

Also, strangely enough, my new job has given me so much more time. The hours are extremely flexible and I can work from home. I don't have to be anywhere. I'm only taking three classes, not five. I'm still working at the art gallery, which is just a study hall anyway, so I find a lot of time on my hands. I've been downloading shows from iTunes. I signed up for Netflix again. I've hit Blockbuster a few times. I've been writing a lot. And this weekend I read and extremely light and fluffy set of books by Richelle Mead called Succubus Blues and Succubus on Top. (Oh, the giggles!)

I hope I get an exciting internship this summer, or I may have to take drastic measures.


TK said...

No more potato chips and ramen? I see that your diet's been improving, part-time carnivoring notwithstanding.

Monica said...

Oh, still plenty of ramen. That's about the only thing I never get tired of. I still takes me two weeks to go through a bag of potato chips, but I like it that way. Tonight I made breakfast - eggs, soy-sausage, and hashbrowns with peppers and onions! Then, while I'm sitting here waiting for the senate meeting to start I still couldn't resist a cup of coffee and a peanut butter cookie.

But, hey, that's progress, right?

EdaMommy said...

I can understand all of what you are saying, on a variety of levels. Since I went vegan I found that it was cheaper and easier to make my own food, and I've found it's fun, too (Swear!). Any of Isa Chandra's books are fun (Vegan with a Vengeance, Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, Veganomicon), and there are tons of great vegan and vegetarian food blogs out there, many of which are put up by working folks. FWIW! =D

Oh, and I'll have to check out those Richelle Mead books!