June 18, 2007

One Hundred Days in Shambhala

So, for my 100th post, I decided I would post the first pages of a work in progress. Sorry if the quality isn't any good. I couldn't figure out a way to post it as a PDF. It is supposed to be viewed book (facing pages) style with the first page as the cover, the second as the back of the cover, the third (contents) being viewed together with the second, etc.

Hope there aren't too many typos, but please feel free to point them out!

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Monica said...

Oh, and there should be a blank page between Contents and Journey. Page 1 (Journey) is actually the right hand page. Pages 2&3 go together, as do 4&5, 6&7, 8&9. The pages are meant to be viewed together and compliment each other.

And I might change the title to the first section. First Return refers to a single visit, while I actually talk about several.