June 27, 2007


Just the other day, I was Googling for Buddhist Blogs and found nan demo nai, which is Japanese for 'nothing.' (Just for fun I'm trying to learn to say 'nothing' in as many languages as possibly. So far I have English, Japanese, and Spanish. Please feel free to help in this quest.)

Yet, seek and ye shall find. My answers were delivered into my lap this morning as I logged onto In Limine and found a link to The Zennist who had a link to Blogmandu (see all to the right). Blogmandu is blog dedicated to finding other Buddhist Blogs and furthermore has sponsored the Blogisattvas for three years now. Great stuff. So, as I explore Blogmandu's many links, I'm sure I'll be adding more links on my own site. I especially like Buddhist Geeks. I am so in that crowd!


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