February 02, 2010

Fighting for Jesus?

Flock Is Now a Fight Team in Some Ministries

This was a shocker until I wondered, is there any difference (other than a continent and several hundred years of refinement) between this and Shaolin Kung Fu?

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Samantha said...

Yeah there is a difference - Shaolin priests taught non-violence at every turn and use of force only in defense of life. All martial arts, because of their age, went through growth to the point of learning to hone the body, mind, spirit with discipline and katas, to only use direct force to defend, and then only if no other way could be found.

These people are TEACHING & PREACHING violence and are part of a growing, and alarming trend that paints Jesus as a violent, judgmental and bloodthirsty force for change at all costs. Kind of the My way or die today thing.

I am Buddhist, but on my path to me I have studied theology far more than anyone should have to. I can say with conviction and certainty that the Jesus these people are painting is NOT the one who walked the earth some years back. Not even close.

But it's a sign of the times. Violence, Blood, thirst for power and control, and violent psychopaths heading up churches all claiming it is God's will.

Jesus was NOT a fighter. He was a hippy love child, flower power, peace, love and fellowship. He "gave" his life to turn the other cheek and not strike out in anger and pain. He cautioned the price of sin, but firmly pointed out that God and only God could pass judgement on anyone. That not even he the son of God could Judge people because he wasn't qualified. He was humble and wise, and met force and violence with peace and love. He walked as well as pretty much anyone can, the "Right" path, and taught this to all who would listen. He was as close to a Buddhist as ANYONE in Christianity has ever really come. I'm kinda glad he's not in a grave somewhere, because if he were he'd be spinning so fast he'd create a blackhole.

These are NOT ministries of the Jesus I knew. Frankly I just cannot wrap my mind around Mel Gibson's next movie "Last supper before the Kumitea!"