February 09, 2010

DN Column - Capitalism is Killing America

I have hesitated to write on this concept for a while now. I fear my point will be misunderstood as simplisticly anti-capitalist, when it's more subtle than that, a critique of what values we hold and from where we derive them within our society. It build a bit on concepts of attachment and aversion, i.e. love is good, love clouded with attachment can be very distructive, and love is prone to be accompanied by attachment. Capitalism is neither intrinsically good or bad (I hope), but capitalism clouded by greed is bad, and capitalism is prone to be accompanied by greed. We'll see how it goes. Oh, and check out Capitol Words; it's really a fun little site. I just wish it had trackbacks to full quotes.

Greed, self-interest tarnishes American capitalism


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