December 04, 2009

Ode to the Nascent Academe

The time arrives when one becomes cognizant of one’s own academic overindulgence.

Realizing this paradigm shift creates a new existential reality.

Conscious became subconscious as archaic modes of behavior lost relevancy.

New philosophies blossomed from the academic archetype upon which post-modern pedagogy has modeled one into a fine representation of itself.

Pursuit of symbolic cultural capital served as a forcing mechanism for remold an individual consciousness.

One’s habitus irrevocably evolved into a distinct new doxic environment.

This evolution is unseen until jarring realization strikes.

Subconscious becomes conscious until a single conclusion remains:

I think too much.


Teacher Jim said...

[big smile]

Anonymous said...

"the first degree you get is the B.S., and you know what BS stands for. The next degree is the MS, which means 'more of the same'. Then you get a PhD, which means 'piled higher and deeper'."

told to me by my dad, a PhD in civil engineering.