August 30, 2009

Living Out Loud

The hazards of living your life in public include, among other things, running the line between hilarity and embarrassment.

"Someone got on my Facebook the other day when I was logged in on a DN computer," Jake told me. "So my mom read my status and sent me an email wanting to know why I sucked."

"Oh, yeah I remember that," I distracted replied, reading the latest email to the editor.

"Yeah, you commented on it," he confirmed.

"Didn't I tell you to hang in there?"

"No, you wrote 'whatever makes her happy,'" Jake reminded me with a smirk.

I cracked into wild laughter. "Did your mom read that?" I gasped between shrieks.


"Oh, Jake I'm sorry, but that's hilarious."

Jake just nodded with a rueful smile and we commiserated over the difficulty of writing about romance, relationships, religion, politics, and sex when we know our parents read our columns.

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