March 30, 2010

DN Column - Goodbye Cars 1 of 2

Lots of research went into this two part column. (It's really one column that ended up being 2,400 words long.) I'm not going to link to every little thing, but the main sites. If you're interested, the data isn't too hard to find and sources are cited more specifically in the column. First there's the Department of Transportation and Federal Transit Administration and Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Then there's the Department of Energy and the Energy Information Administration. Add in the Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics. Season to taste with the Texas Transportation Institute, the folk who make videos for Vote Vets, the Department of Defense, Walkscore, and Reconnecting American (the Center for Transit Oriented Development) and their report on neighborhood self-selection and transit behavior. Stir and bake in the back of your mind. Voila, a column! That's just part one. Read part two next week.

Stranded car proves liberating experience, helps break dependence on oil


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