November 10, 2009

DN Column - Facebook Fights

I put it to a group vote on Sunday at the weekly opinion section meeting. I could right about dirty coal or expensive nuclear power, following up last week's column on the senate energy legislation. Or I could write about this fight I inadvertently started on Facebook. So, you can see which way I went. I am posting here in it's entirety the fight (sorry for the formatting), with identification removed. It's funny, but also a little sad and one of those things I wish I could change for the better, but am not quite sure how.

Facebook enlightens about friend dynamics


Monica Sanford Why am I here? October 26 at 10:33am

L V R M Why are any of us here??? Ahhhh!!! October 26 at 10:35am

Monica Sanford I don't know. Where are you? October 26 at 10:37am

L V R M in class. i'm here to get a degree. so i can make money. so i can have an easy life. but why? what's my purpose? why????? October 26 at 10:54am

Monica Sanford oh, well, not to be depressing, but i suspect none of us actually have a purpose - at least not imposed from without - but we can create a purpose from within if we want to October 26 at 11:06am

L V R M yeah...but what's the point? ha. and i agree - none of us have a real purpose. we exist because something has to. October 26 at 11:09am

Monica Sanford time to get comfortable with the fact that there isn't a point - and i don't go in for that 'life is what you make it' fluff either - life is what it is, which is kinda grand all on it's own, no deeper meaning required - cool thing about the lack of a grand plan means we get to figure it out as we go along :-) October 26 at 11:14am

E B Oh Monica.... P.S. I am having a throw-your-hands-up-and-shout "meaninglessness!" kind of day myself. October 26 at 11:23am

R R Hurray for questioning the meaning of life. I'm rather fond of the Kurt Vonnegut explantion, we're here to fart around, don't let anybody tell you different. :P October 26 at 11:43am

L V R M i just have no idea what i'm working so hard for. i'm still gonna die. October 26 at 12:12pm

J G Only what can exist does exist. If nothing existed there would be no notions of existence, therefore the concept of discussing non-existence is illogical. October 26 at 6:15pm

L V R M the "discussion" of it isn't illogical. Just because we do exist doesn't mean we can't ponder what doesn't. It's just thought. Also, no one was talking about non-existence. We were talking about the fact that we DO exist - but why the fuck for? October 26 at 6:34pm

J G I was talking about, "we exist because something has to". That's not true, we are just incapable of comprehending non-existence. And I didn't say you can't think about it, I'm saying it's illogical because there is no conclusion to be drawn- in other words wasted thought. But yea, we serve no purpose. October 26 at 6:41pm

L V R M All thought is waste. We're just twiddling out thumbs until we die. Our lives are like a gam

e of solitaire, really. Just something to do. October 26 at 6:53pm

J G So are you calling the suicidal lazy? October 26 at 6:54pm

L V R M Naw, just impatient. October 26 at 7:04pm

J G Those who are uncomfortable are usually impatient. October 26 at 7:06pm

Nancy Do any of you have children? Billy is my reason for getting up in the morning...he makes the sun rise I swear :) And do any of you believe in God? This life is hell! I can't wait to go live with my maker in heaven :) When my purpose is fulfilled in this life I will go one to another and live for ever in the most wonderful place :) for that I am greatful! October 26 at 7:35pm

L V R M Well, if that were the case...I'd still have the same question. What's the purpose of Billy's life? And if our purpose in this life, is to get to the afterlife...what's the purpose of the after life? There's no real point to any of this. This question can never be answered - I don't know why I keep asking. I'd get depressed about it, but I'd just be a sad person with no reason for existing. October 26 at 7:40pm

Nancy God has a purpose for us I don't know his purpose, he is only 6 right now I guess it would be to bring a smile to my face. What???? I would be depressed to if I didn't believe in God. I will pray for you!!!!!!!!!!! October 26 at 7:43pm

L V R M I'm not depressed! Just contemplative. Thank-you though! I'm not saying I don't enjoy life. I enjoy my friends, I feel good when I do well in school but I just don't see a reason for it. If there is a God, WHY is there a God? I just wonder why! Also, sorry Monica for overtaking your status. :) October 26 at 7:48pm

J G No children and I don't believe in God. Alison, you wouldn't be depressed if God didn't exist, you'd be depressed if you thought there was no point to life. That's why you have to believe in superstitions, in order to accept your current reality. When you die, your consciousness will go to the same place it was before you were born- non-existence. October 26 at 8:12pm

Nancy wandering how God felt about creating a world that now think they don't need Him. October 26 at 8:13pm

Nancy I feel sorry for you Jared...God is not a superstition but hey its your life...God gave us the right to free will...if that where the case then I would want to die right now...but hey have fun spending eternity in hell... October 26 at 8:16pm

J G You're actually "wondering", and let me ask you, how many ancient books written by primitive men do you believe are the word of god? Just the bible, or the several similar others that groups of people follow all over the world? That's the best part about Christians, you all want to die in a godless world and yet you obliviously live in one. Do what brings you and your family happiness. That's as good a purpose of life as one will find. October 26 at 8:19pm

Nancy like I said Jared I will pray for you... October 26 at 8:24pm

L V R M "But hey have fun spending eternity in hell..." What a sweet, sweet thing to say. October 26 at 8:29pm

J G Thank you, but I'd rather you play with your son than waste time praying for me. If you think I deserve eternity in hell then you are a cruel, cruel person. Eternity is a long time for my crimes committed over my brief 24 year stay here. October 26 at 8:31pm

Nancy I am not a cruel person! I have never been told that LOL most people think that I am too sweet whatever Dude its like this there is a heaven and a hell if you don't believe then your going to for me I will be in heaven...hope to see you all there... October 26 at 8:38pm

J G The funny thing is, I don't even know you, and I can tell you right now I know 5 times more than you about Christianity. October 26 at 8:39pm

L V R M When we die we go to Candy Mountain. It's true because I just said it. October 26 at 8:39pm

Nancy Won't you be unpleasantly surprised when you find out how wrong you were! I don't know how I'd get through life without my savior, Jesus! That's why your so unhappy...because you have no hope. It breaks my heart. October 26 at 8:43pm

L V R M We're not unhappy! Lol. Wow. October 26 at 8:45pm

J G I never once have said I'm not happy. I'm single, young, attractive, educated, I don't have to follow your ridiculous moral code, and I won't be remembered as the village idiot of society after I'm long dead like you will. October 26 at 8:48pm

Monica Sanford Holy crap, you people! You make me laugh! You get all worked up. :-) Alison is not a cruel person. I've known her since high school and she has always been very kind. So you two, be nice! Alison, just so you know, I have a lot of nonthiestic friends and I hope you will respect our right not to give a damn about god. It's nice that you pray for us, but please recognize that we have the ability to be good, happy people without god. Lacey, why all this angst about the fact that nothing happens after we die? Why does that matter? If that's the case, shouldn't what we do in life have more meaning? (If not purpose, per se.) Jared, get of your high horse before it throws you. You have a wonderful mind. Don't put it to use telling others what they don't know. By this merit may all attain omniscience. May it defeat the enemy, wrongdoing. From the stormy waves of birth, old age, sickness and death, From the ocean of samsara, may I free all beings. By the confidence of the golden sun of the great east, May the lotus garden of the Rigden’s wisdom bloom. May the dark ignorance of sentient beings be dispelled. May all beings enjoy profound brilliant glory. The purpose of my life, as I have chosen it of my own free will (god-given or not), is to help others, to seek knowledge and wisdom, and the cultivate loving compassion that I might be of more benefit to them. So long as space remains, And so long as there are beings to be found, May I likewise remain, To wash away the sorrows of the world. Namaste, people! :-) (And Amen to Alison!) October 27 at 9:03am

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