May 16, 2009

Well, Alrighty Then

I’m getting ready to start my summer project: Dharma Cowgirl. I’ve posted bits and pieces of it already, but so far that’s all it is – bits and pieces. So I thought to myself, no point in reinventing the wheel. I’ve already written so much. But I need to go through it and sort out what could be useful where and how it can be expanded or reworked. Of course, to do that, it would be helpful if I had it all in one place and printed out so I could make notes.

Unfortunately, I don’t keep what I post. It exists only in cyberspace. It has been an exercise in non-attachment to my own work. Of course, it now seems that’s both somewhat vain and in vain. However, to rectify it means I had to go back through and copy and paste my entire blog into a word document, one post at a time. Which is exactly what I just did. It’s 346 pages or 210,845 words.

Including this post.

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