September 25, 2008

DN Article - Too Many Cars

Sometimes I wonder what the headline writers are thinking. While technically not inaccurate, it's usually not the point I was trying to make. In this case, I'm not suggesting people change their driving habits. I'm suggesting people find alternatives to driving. Anyway, that's what I thought I said. You read and let me know.

Lincoln must fix driving habits for future functionality


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wolfie185 said...

I can see where the confusion may come from. My overall opinion is that the article is about alternate means of transportation and improving conditions to meet those modes but by spending a bit too much time on the troubles with drivers colliding with cylist while backing up it side tracks the message. Maybe this is what captured the headline writers attention, I know it was interesting to me. It could also be that the headline writers were trying to attract the attention of drivers since they out number non-drivers and having them read the article it might get them thinking more what can be done to improve conditions for non-drivers and to look at alternative modes of transportation. Riding a bike in traffic is scarry as all hell for me because I am afraid drivers won't see me, so I won't ride to work or anywhere with heavy traffic. Kearney and other smaller communities also need to do things to improve alternate transportation, buses fueled with used vegetable oil from all the fast food joints. Anyway I liked your article.