August 05, 2008

Torturing Introverts

Written Friday, August 1, 2008.

Team building is just another way to torture introverts. Extroverts express desires for togetherness ignorant of differences – blithe and happy in their belief that all love “getting to know you” like the Julie Andrews song. Introverts are excruciatingly aware of their failures to conform to the ideal of the “social animal.” Perhaps it is an argument against evolution that this trait has not yet bred out.

Introverts can learn to deal, to tolerate, to fake it, even to acquire a taste, but there are limits and tolerances in all tings and some will always need cream in their coffee. Six hours, a measly six hours, in the company of two dozen people I like and my head pounds. I feel trapped, surrounded, and I seek any distraction which will allow me to withdraw into the safety and comfort of my own mind, even if it is just writing in my notebook.

But I must push on – move beyond my comfort zone – persevere – and seek equanimity – for it is the only way to grow.

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