June 04, 2008


This boggles my mind – in a good way. I like having my mind boggled. Third prize in an architecture design competition was recently won by….wait for it….Studio Wikitecture from Second Life. For those of you who have a sufficiently fulfilling first life, Second Life is an online, real time, virtual reality interface. It’s not even a game, just an environment. People have islands and they can make things with the interactive modeling software. A girl in Germany actually makes a good living making clothing and accessories which she sells for real money in a virtual mall.

Anyway, Studio Wikitecture is one of Second Life’s many groups. Anyone could join and together, in the virtual realm of Second Life, backed up by various forums and message boards, they created an award winning design for Nyaya Health in Nepal. It’s a good design, too. At least I like it. It fascinates me.

I have never been a fan of design by committee, but have always believed in collective wisdom. I think it is wonderful that Studio Wikitecture has created a suitable interface that so many can collaborate so productively on something so wonderful. It gives me great hope for the profession as a whole, that we could find a way to tap into the unending wisdom of individuals, all of whom experience different buildings in different ways.


Kick ass!

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