May 01, 2008

Late Nights In Studio

It is quite possibly my last late night in studio. I have gotten bored of playing solitaire while waiting for the glue to dry. Actually, I got bored of that an hour ago, but kept playing anyway. In between moves I would check the glue, trim, cut, test fit, attach, glue, and wait for it to dry again. I'm almost done, but then I was almost done when I started.

It's a curious thing that studio becomes busier as the night wears on. I'm not sure its a good sign, but it builds a certain sense of camaraderie. In between their own work, people wander around, ask questions, offer help or gummy bears or chocolate. Music plays and people laugh and talk in between the occasional frustrated cursing. This is a graduate studio, so despite the workload no one has made a trip to the emergency room yet. It seems we have finally mastered our exacto blades.

So it fold down and it folds up, but it doesn't stand up. A minor technical detail. In the real world this could be mastered any number of ways. Hydraulic posts, pulleys, bolts which tighten down, springs, expanding cross bars, attachment to the ceiling. In a eight inch by six inch scale model, the options are more limited. But at least the object is complete. So with that I shall say adieu and good night.

Better building on the morrow.

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