January 31, 2008

Almost Being Impulsive

I'm not exactly the impulsive type. Not that I'm opposed to the idea, per say. I've just not had much opportunity for it in my life. Impulsiveness generally comes with a price tag I've not been willing to pay.

My design studio class is studying motels. They are going to Las Vegas at the end of February. I have absolutely no interest in Las Vegas. The line of inquiry I am following is about hostels and the phenomenon of couchsurfing (www.couchsurfing.com) and how that type could inform the motel of the future. I thought to myself that maybe I would hop cheap flight up to Chicago and check out a couple of hostels. That is bound to be cheaper than Las Vegas.

While puttering about on the travel websites I happened agross a $250 flight to San Francisco. My eyes lit up! I've never been to San Francisco and that's not much more than the flight to Chicago would have been.

I sit chewing my lip, butterflies in my stomach. Should I book it? The money isn't a problem since I got a job as a teaching assistant this semester. I'd be travling alone, but I do know some folks out in San Diego. Oh, it'd be so fun! Should I do it? San Francisco has way more hostels than Chicago. I'm practically vibrating by this time.

In the end I created a rewards online account (free) and held the booking. I have to make up my mind by midnight tomorrow. Three nights in San Francisco, two and a half days wandering around downtown, and two flights over the Rocky Mountains.

I would jump up and down and squeal if it wasn' so against my character.


TK said...

It's the rainy season here, but you can't complain at $250. Let me know if you need a tour guide.

Monica said...

Hey, I forgot you're in San Fran. We should definately get coffee!