July 26, 2007

The New Found Online Life

I suppose the moral of the story is “You never know who might be a reporter, so be nice to everyone.” Though personally, I always liked the “everyone is your mother” idea, so I try to always be nice anyway.

I want to thank Matt with the New York Times for publishing the site to my blog in his article. It was rather a nice article, I think. I wish you all the best, Matt, on you travels toward Seattle and hope you return to see us some time. (Everyone does.)

I also want to thank all of you lovely people who have commented on my blog. I usually get one or two comments a week from some people I know personally. This morning when I logged in I had eleven comments to moderate. It is gratifying and a little bit intimidating. Thank you all for your lovely thought provoking comments and your support.

I have in the past tried to answer all comments. I will continue to try to do so, though it may take me a bit longer. I also encourage all of you to respond to each others comments. If this volume keeps up, I may change the comment settings on my blog so that they do not have to be moderated and self-publish, thereby not slowing down the pace of the discussion.

Again, thanks to all of you who are not reading and thinking and commenting and sitting.


David said...

i also found your blog thanks to NYT, and a post on sangha announce. and i'm quite enjoying reading about your summer at smc. thank you for sharing it!

David said...

oh, i forgot to link to my blog while posting. i'm at owlmonkey.com

Monica said...


Thanks! I really like your blog. It's funny & thoughtful, the perfect mix! I linked to it, hope that's oka. Take care!


David said...

yes, thanks for the link! glad you appreciated my ramblings. :)