May 18, 2007

Only Here

Things I find only at Shambhala: The all leather utility kilt. Men who wear kilts (or sarongs if dressing to go out) as a part of their normal daily attire. Prayer flags - on buildings, trees, ledges, trucks, etc. Beat up old pick-ups with the words Ki Ki So So painted on them. Magpies. People who only eat organic food and only smoke organic tobacco. Women who wear mini-skirts over snow pants. Bumper stickers which say: "Honk if you don't exist." "Enlighten Up!" "My other vehicle is Mahayana/Vajrayana/Windhorse." "Ignorance of the law of karma is no excuse." Manic-depressive cats named Karma. Deer who couldn't care less about us carnivores less than five feet away. Random beauty. Senseless kindness.

Spontaneous joy.

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