April 20, 2007

What Do You Think?

I love that blogger is free. I don't pay anything to blog and you don't pay anything to read. I can control the way my page looks, though I am perfectly happy to remain with the minimalistic template blogger provides, but I could customize it to a fair thee well.

Ever since I've started blogging, I've noted the little side bar that pops up unobtrusively in the corner when I log in. "Earn money from your blog with Google AdSense. "

I've looked into it and though Google never tells you how much you'll earn because it depends on how much their advertisers pay them to start with, I've found a number of positive reviews on the internet. Plus, I just generally like Google as a company. (They build good buildings.)

So here's the rub - it seems kinda unfair to you who might read my blog to bombard you with ads. Though it seems like I can limit it to one or two per page, and they will be relevant to my content, things you might like. I wouldn't earn any money unless someone actually clicked on an ad anyway, so they'd be easy enough to ignore. Still.....it just doesn't seem right somehow.

On the other hand, I am a poor college student and can use any penny I can get. Even if it's $10 a month, it would be welcome. I'll admit I am tempted.

What do you think?


Stuff said...

Well, I've got a couple of sites, mine and those I've done for people, which have ads. The most popular site gets about 200 hits a month, and from all sites I've made $50 in 3.5 years . . .

But, sure why not? Little ads on the side or somewhere don't bother many people. And the Google ads are very well done and respectful, I think, for advertising anyway.

greenfrog said...

I wouldn't find the advertisements to be a problem.

It would be an interesting exercise in non-grasping to see how the potential for gain might change the way you feel about your blogging.