January 05, 2007


I like taking the bus. Sometimes when I’m in a hurry, or it doesn’t run at exactly the time I want it to, I resent it. Mostly, I like it though. It is easy. There are many bus stops near my house and many near the places I spend the most time at, the University and downtown. It is free to students, so it saves me money on gas and mileage on my car. I don’t have to worry about weather or traffic or parking. But mostly I like it because it gives me time.

Even though my commute each day is longer on the bus than in my car I don’t consider it wasted time. If I drove, I would just sleep in each morning, get up quickly, leave quickly, drive quickly on the main streets, and be to work not a minute too soon. When I take the bus I get up earlier, walk to the bus stop, wait for the bus, sit quietly as it slowly makes its way through the neighborhoods of its route, and arrive to work early. It gives me time.

I enjoy being outdoors, even when it is cold or rainy, on my little walk to the bus stop. The fresh air helps wake me up and so does the sunshine most days. While I sit and wait I have time to think. On cold days, I bring coffee in a thermos to keep me warm. While I’m on the bus, I can watch the cute little houses that go by and the people out on their bicycles. I read my book a lot. I usually carry a magazine or dharma book with me, not a novel or a textbook, but something that is good to read in short intervals. When I get to work early I have time to drink my coffee and have a little breakfast. I can chat with my coworkers or send email to friends. I don’t feel rushed or like I have to jump right into the days tasks.

Things which we might think take too much time can in fact give it back to us.

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