November 09, 2006

Truth in Advertising

However inadvertently, American Express has just tickled me with one of their latest adds. They’ve been using Ellen Degeneress as their spokesperson and her adds are awfully funny, but the one that really gets me is the meditation one.

Picture Ellen sitting quietly by herself in some exotic location (which is actually a famous house in Hollywood) on a simple black meditation cushion. “Ahhh. Clear the mind. Mind clear………..I still can’t figure out how I got charges twice for those socks. That didn’t make sense. They would have to be pretty good socks to be individually priced. Although, they were argyle.”

And that’s about how it really works. You sit down with the best of intentions and clear your mind, silencing the constant mental monologue (usually by talking yourself into being quiet) and then two seconds later it’s back with nary a struggle. We hardly even notice it’s become so normal.

Someone at the American Express ad agency has obvious had conversations with the cushion.

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